Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQ

What order are corpses posted in?

Corpses are posted in the order in which they are finished, so they can be admired as soon as possible. Thus, they may not be posted in numerical order, and a corpse that was finished later may nonetheless be posted earlier.

Is there a time limit for working on a corpse piece?

If you've been offered a corpse slice, please accept or reject it within 24 hours if at all possible. That way, if you don't have time for it, it can be passed on to someone who does have time.

Once you've accepted a slice, please complete it within 7 days. After 7 days, you'll be sent a reminder. You'll then have 3 days to either relinquish the slice or finish it. If, after those 3 days, you still haven't turned it in, it will be reassigned.

I've received a slice, how do I download it from the Private Message?

To download the image slice Right Click on the image attachment and choose 'Save Image As...' Alternatively you can simply click and drag the image from the Private Message to your desktop.

I'd like to do a corpse with certain players that I like. Is that possible?

If you can summon them and get their cooperation, you can arrange the corpse here. Read the Sticky for more information.

Is it ok to contact the artist who submitted the piece before mine, to collaborate?

The spirit of exquisite corpse is the spirit of surprise, or, as the folks say, "the collective unconscious." The fun is in seeing what arises naturally, not in planning something specific. Please do not discuss the corpse with other players until it is finished and posted.

I have an idea for a certain kind of corpse (hand-drawn, landscape orientation, square, etc). Can we do this?

To keep things simple, the main site will continue to use the tried-and-true rules. However, you can start any kind of corpse you like here. Read the Sticky for more information.

Am I supposed to make my 450 x 200 pixel piece include the 15 pixel slice I was sent, or am I supposed to make it all new?

You may either construct this section so it abuts with the strip received, or the strip can be incorporated and modified in your section. Bear in mind, however, that the strip should not be modified to the point that it no longer connects with the section it came from. Regardless of the method employed, each section will still be 200 pixels high. Any other size will not be accepted by the CMS.

Is this site automated?

Partly. A fully automated version is currently in development.

What's a Fresh Prince?

A Fresh Prince, in the context of this game, is a slice that has no connection to the section that precedes it. As Phineas says, "FPs really screw up Corpses and are severely frowned upon. If you submit one, you'll know it."

For the sake of the Corpse's unity and flow it is important that each player work from the slice received and not make their contribution a complete non-sequitur. (Look at this corpse and see if you can tell who might not have been really trying.)

Can we have T-shirts printed from these corpses? How about posters? Pillow covers? Coffee mugs? Or a coffee table book?

Not a good idea. Printing requires a higher resolution than screen display does, so printed corpses would look blurry and terrible. Plus, there would be copyright issues.

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Technical FAQ

Why does my slice have a seam? I didn't see it on my computer when I turned it in.

There are several reasons why you might end up with an unexpected seam. Here are some common ones:

COLOR MODE. You should be working in RGB color. When all four slices are pasted together for a complete corpse, that file will have to be in one color profile, and RGB is the appropriate one for screen display. If you work in a different color profile from RGB, there may be a color shift when your slice is converted.

RESOLUTION. You should be working in 72 dpi resolution. When all four slices are pasted together for a complete corpse, they'll need to be in the same dpi, or some will appear smaller or larger. If you work in a different dpi from 72 dpi, your slice will be enlarged or reduced as appropriate, which can cause pixels to shift and be in a different place than you intended.


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Templates and Guides

A collection of downloadable templates, instructions and links to video tour guides are in the works. If you have a request for a particular program or version not listed below or would like to provide a tutorial of your own (especiallly translated to another language) please take a moment to contact The Mortician and improve the quality of this site.